Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Dakota Access Pipeline Controversy - What Will Obama Decide?

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A big controversy in the US these days involves the Dakota Access oil pipeline. This controversy involves many different issues, including the issue of the extent to which Native Americans (Indians) should have control over land which has been traditionally/historically theirs.

Essentially, this is a conflict between a large oil company and a group of Native Americans.

Basically, an oil company and the US government would like to run an oil pipeline through land that a group of Native Americans considers sacred (holy). They believe this oil pipeline is not appropriate for a sacred Native American area and they are also worried that the oil may pollute their drinking water.

There have been a number of protests there and many people are waiting to see what the president will say or determine about this situation.

Personally, I am on the side of the Native Americans and I attended a protest held on their behalf in Chicago yesterday (protests took place around the United States as many Americans believe that the US government should respect the rights and wishes of Native Americans).

An article about this topic:

Vocabulary from the article:

a controversy - an issue or topic about which many people disagree; controversial - adjective version

admin - administration, the president's administration or close advisers

Army Corps of Engineers - these folks engage in major government engineering projects; a corps means a group and the word is pronounced 'core'

citing - listing, stating

environmentalists - people who want to save the environment from destruction or pollution

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe - the Sioux are a tribe or group of Indians who were forced to move to their current territory in the 1800s. Standing Rock, North Dakota is where the protests against the pipeline are happening. 

allies - friends, supporters

an opponent - someone who is against something: a proponent is for something

sacred - holy, of religious importance

build-outs of fossil fuel structure - extensions or greater development of structures which make it easier to use fossil fuels (oil, coal)

to exacerbate - to make something worse; so opponents are saying we should not be building more structures to make it easier to use fossil fuels (oil) but we should be building alternative energy structures

an easement - the right to use land which doesn't belong to you

to build under Lake Oahe - environmentalists are certain that oil will seep (leak) from this pipeline into drinking water if the pipeline is built under this lake 

has been on hold (to be on hold) - it has stopped while people wait for a decision

consultations - apparently they are consulting with Native American tribes (speaking to them and getting their opinion)

skirmishes - minor battles, little fights

Greens - environmentalists

a new iteration - a new version

The Keystone Pipeline - this was a pipeline (from Canada through the US) part of which was stopped by President Obama.

to frame an issue - to look at an issue in a certain way

sitting on the easement - not doing anything about the easement

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