Thursday, October 4, 2012

Euthanasia (part 2): A daughter wants to die, parents refuse to allow her to

This is a heart-breaking story about a young woman who is in pain and who will never recover
from her terminal illness.  She literally wants to have her life support system removed so she can die.  Doctors have told her there is no hope for recovery and she cannot even breathe without a tube inserted into her throat. She is in pain and is dying, yet, her parents are Christian and believe that she will go to "hell" if this happens (they believe it would be a form of suicide).

Interestingly, this case would not be considered "euthanasia."  This would be a removal of life support type of situation and it looks as if many religions do NOT consider this to be wrong or a "sin" if the person is terminally ill.

Please refer to the previous article on euthanasia (mercy killing) for questions about this general topic.

More questions about this article:

1)  Do you think this girl should be allowed to die? 

2)  How do you feel about the attitude of the parents?

3)  Doctors are not allowed to actively "kill" this patient.  By removing the breathing tube,
the young woman would die through suffocation (which might be a terrible death).  Do you
think the doctors should have the right to administer a drug to help her leave life peacefully?

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