Thursday, October 4, 2012

Google To Obey Turkish Law

This article seems to touch on similar issues in a previous posting.  In the posting on Brasil and how that government asked Google to obey its election laws, Google refused to comply and the CEO was arrested. 

In this article we see that Google, however, has agreed to follow Turkish law and to even give the Turkish government control over what might or might not be posted.

This seems similar to what Google did in 2006 in regard to the Chinese government, when Google agreed to help that government censor the internet in China.

Here is the article:

Questions for discussion:

1)  Does Google seem hypocritical to you?  The company has agreed to obey the Turkish government but not the Brasilian government.  Why do you think Google is doing this?

2)  What are the similarities and differences between the Turkish and Brasilain situations?

3)  Do you think that Google should have this type of agreement with every government?  The issue is whether Google will obey specific laws in each country or whether they will just run their search engine the same way everywhere.

4)  Do you think that Google should pay taxes in each country where it operates and makes a profit?

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