Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Free Speech or Distraction?

Foreigners often think that Americans can say and do whatever they want.  There are some limits to free speech, however, in the USA.  For example, here's a good case.  This teenager, in this article, wore a very provocative tee-shirt to her high school. 

The female student identifies herself as being bisexual. The tee-shirt had a Coca Cola design but instead of saying "I love Coke!" the tee-shirt read "I love vagina!"  Her school sent her home for being a "distraction."

1)  What do you think?  If you had a child in high school, would it bother you if another student wore a tee shirt advocating lesbian or bi-sexual sex, or, in fact, any type of sex?

2)  Do you think the student had a right to openly express her sexuality and do you think this student has a right to complain about how she was treated by her school? 

3)  What do you think of the mother, who, perhaps, bought the shirt for her child and approved of her child wearing it to school? 

4)  Would this be a good reason to require high school stduents to wear school uniforms?  Do you think there should be some type of dress code in high schools?

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