Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Gay Conversion "Therapy"

In the old days, in America, homosexuality was considered a mental illness.  These days,
most Americans feel that being gay is no big deal.  However, there are some parents
who definitely do not want their children to be "gay" and they are willing to pay
psychologists who claim they can change or "convert" their children into non-gay
(heterosexual) individuals.

Gay people are often offended by these attempts, since the implication is that being gay
is "wrong."

The State of California has recently banned so-called "gay-conversion therapy."  Here is a brief
article about the new California law.


Also, here is another link from a young person who went through the "conversion therapy" and who is suing California to try to stop the law:


Questions for discussion:

1)  How are gay people treated in your home country?

2)  Do you believe that people are "born" gay, or do people become gay as a result
of their early childhood rearing?

3)  Why do you think the State of California decided to ban this type of "therapy"?

4)  Do you believe in gay marriage?  Why or why not?

5)  Do you feel that parents have a right to seek "gay conversion therapy" for their children?
What if a child actually wants this therapy?  Should the state have the right to ban this type of

6)  How would you feel if a sibling or other relative told you he/she was gay?

7)  Have you seen or experienced anti-gay bullying in your school or society? 
What should be done to protect young people who are gay?

8)  How do you feel about gay couples who adopt children?

9)  How do you feel about religious organizations that claim that being gay is morally wrong?


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