Monday, October 8, 2012

Pro-Muslim Ads Placed In NY City Subway Stations

Recently an anti-Muslim group paid to have many ads posted in the NY subway system in which followers of Islam are compared to "savages" (primitive, barbaric people).  Now some Christian church groups are placing ads in the subway system encouraging people to love each other and to ignore the anti-Muslim ads.

1)  The MTA (New York City's subway system) stated that they had to accept the anti-Islamic ads because they had to follow "freedom of speech" laws.  How do you feel about this?

2)  The church groups have ads running which state that all religions should be respected and that we should love each other regardless of our religion.  Do you feel these ads are necessary?

3)   If you were to see an anti-Islamic ad on the subway system, how would you feel?

4)  Do you feel as if Islam has been portrayed badly by the media, in America and elsewhere?

5)  In New York City people from all over the world and from every religion live side by side peacefully.  Do you think this is possible in the world?

6)  Why do you think these church groups spent their own money to place very expensive ads on the subway system?

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