Sunday, October 7, 2012

Maine Mayor Offends Somalis

Many refugees have been coming to America from Somalia due to the wars there, and due to a recent drought.

The mayor of a small town in Maine, where many Somalis have relocated, made statements that were very offensive to the Somali community. Basically, the mayor (whose own ancestors came from Scotland) stated that immigrants need to instantly adapt to American culture.  He also implied that immigrants use resources provided by non-immigrants.

1)  To what extent do you think an immigrant should adapt to US culture?

2)  Is it all that easy to adapt to US culture?  What are some of the problems?

3)  In the past, usually the first generation of immigrants retained their culture, but their children learned American culture in the school system and adapted.  Is this an acceptable system?

4)  If you have been here for awhile, how welcoming are Americans to immigrants?

5)  How easy is it to make American friends?  What are some of the difficulties, other than language?

6)  Is the USA a melting pot or a salad bowl?  Do people adapt here or retain their cultures?

7)  Do you think it is possible to succeed in a society without adapting as completely as possible?

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