Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Pope's Butler Is Found "Guilty."

In America there is the term "whistle-blower."  This term is applied to a person who sees something wrong somewhere, usually where he/she works, and then reports the problem to the press or to the proper authorities.

The Pope's butler saw a number of problems with the Catholic Church and literally stole the Pope's diary to prove his allegations.  He was arrested and has now been found guilty.  He claims that what he did was morally right, since the Catholic Church needs to change.

1)  Is the Pope's butler a hero or a criminal?

2)  Many times, when a whistle-blower comes forward, people doubt his/her motives and claim he/she is just trying to make money or become famous.  Do you doubt the butler's motives?  Why? Why not?

3)  Do you think that the author who was given the stolen diary should or shouldn't have used the information which was obtained illegally?

4)  Do you think this butler should have been arrested and prosecuted?  Do you think that the Church may just be trying to cover up a scandal through prosecution?  Was it an "over-reaction" to literally arrest this person?  Why or why not?

5)  The Catholic Church has received a huge amount of negative publicity over the past several years because of various scandals which Church authorities have covered up.  Why do you think there are problems in this Church?  What should the Church do to clean itself up?  Can it be cleaned up?

6)  The Catholic Church refuses to allow its priests to get married.  It also refuses to allow women to become priests.  Do you think the Church should change these policies?  Do you think the Church would be less corrupt if these policies were changed?  Why or why not?

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