Sunday, November 25, 2012

Europe Considers Banning "Baby Boxes."

In New York City, each year many newly born babies used to be abandoned by their mothers in garbage containers, where the babies would die.  The police department, therefore, established a special program in which women can bring in their babies to any police department and leave the baby with the police, and the police will not ask any questions.

Because of this program, fewer babies have been found in garbage containers over the past few years and many babies have been handed over to the police.

In Germany a similar program was established through a hospital.  The hospital established a special, warm, safe structure in which a woman could place her unwanted baby.  Many baby's lives have been saved through this method.

However, a UN human rights organization is declaring this apparently humanitarian practice to be "wrong" and a violation of human rights.  Here is an article on this subject:

1)  Do you think that by providing a baby box the German hospital is encouraging mothers to abandon their babies?  Or do you think they are encouraging women to save the lives of their babies?

2)  How do you feel about this issue?  Can you understand why new mothers might want to abandon their babies, or do you think this is a terrible practice?

3)  Ostensibly (on the surface) the baby box idea seems like a nice gesture.  Do you think they should stay or be removed?

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