Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Obese Woman Dies, Unable To Board Plane Home

A 400 lbs (182 kg) woman was able to fly via a Dutch airline to Hungary, from America, but several problems prevented 3 airlines from helping her fly back home.  Unable to fly home, she then died, and her husband is blaming the airlines for her death.  He seems to be arguing that had the airlines found a way home for her, her American doctors would have saved her.


1)  Do you think the Dutch airline is to blame for this situation?  After all, they got her to Europe and were supposed to get her back home again.

2)  To what extent do you feel she is to blame for her excessive weight?

3)  Two other airlines attempted to help her get back home, but were unable to.  The husband wants to sue them as well.  Do you feel they are to blame?

4)  If you were on a jury for this case, would you find the airlines guilty or not guilty?

5)  Do you think that airlines should even accomodate passengers who are in such poor health and dangerously overweight?

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