Saturday, November 3, 2012

Female "Masturbation" Bar Opens in Tokyo

Apparently there is a stigma against female masturbation in some cultures.  Indeed, there has been a stigma against women even enjoying sex with a partner in many cultures.

In some cultures women are not only discouraged from viewing sex as something pleasurable, but female "circumcision" is practiced to ensure that the female clitoris is surgically removed so that women cannot even have sexual pleasure.

In Tokyo a "masturbation" bar has been opened so that women can come to a place where they can freely discuss sexual issues with other women and shop for sex toys which they can use on themselves to help themselves achieve orgasm.  If a woman can easily achieve an orgasm by herself, through masturbation, it becomes easier to have orgasms with sexual partners.  The owners of the bar might even argue that achieving an orgasm by oneself is sufficient.

1)  Why do you think there is a stigma against female masturbation?  Why isn't there a stigma against male masturbation?

2)  Do you think this type of bar is needed? If so, is it needed everywhere, or just some countries?

3)  Why do you think some women feel such a bar is necessary in Japan?  Do you think these bars
are more necessary in Asia, where women are just starting to really experience full equality with men?

4)  Would you go to this type of bar?  Why or why not?

5)  Do you like this concept or do you think it is silly or ridiculous?

6)  Why do you think some people might object to such a bar?

7)  Do you think there should be sex education classes in college which teach about attaining sexual pleasure (instead of the academic approach to human sexuality)?

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