Monday, November 5, 2012

Why The Poor Are Ignored In America

About 15% of individuals in America can be classified as "poor."  In some places, poverty is worse than in others. 

For instance, in New York City it is estimated that 1 out of 5 children are born into poverty.  There are 8 million New Yorkers and about 1.8 million receive "food-stamps," coupons for free food from supermarkets.

A person would think that eliminating poverty in America would be a priority for politicians.  However, in this presidential campaign, neither Obama nor Romney spent much time, if any, speaking about the poor.

Here is an EXCELLENT article explaining why the poor are ignored in America.

1)  What are the basic reasons, according to this article, as to why the poor are ignored, especially during presidential elections?

2)  How do you feel about this? 

3)  How is poverty addressed in your home country?

4) Do you think there is a link between racism in America and poverty?

5)  The article states that in America, if you are poor, you are usually blamed for being poor.  It is somehow "your fault" that you are poor.  How do you feel about this attitude?

6)  What do you think should be done?  Should the poor be ignored or should there be another "War on Poverty?" 

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