Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Jocks" Protect High School Girl From Bullying

In American schools, bullying used to be openly tolerated by teachers and school administrators.  Basically, if a boy was being bullied, teachers would blame him for being "weak" and for not "standing up for himself."  This was the attitude even though virtually all bullies pick on students who are not as physically strong as they are.

This attitude was forced to change, somewhat, after the Columbine High School shootings. 


Apparently two boys became upset by the constant bullying they faced from "jocks" (athletes) and planned a vindictive shooting spree as a result.

The following article shows that bullying still seems to be a problem in US high schools,  although in this case the "jocks" are protecting a young woman from being bullied.


1)  How bad is bullying in your home country's schools?

2)  What do teachers and administrators do about bullying in your home country?

3)  What do you think should be done about bullying?

4)  In the above article, members of the school's football team have to protect a young woman from bullies.  Do you think this is necessary?  What do you think of a school administration where the football team has to protect students and not staff or teachers?


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