Monday, December 10, 2012

Argentine Mother Crusades Against Sexual Slavery

I am posting this story primarily because it affected me so deeply.  This Argentine mother has been looking for her own daughter, was was kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery, and, in the process, has been rescuing other young women from a terrible life of forced prostitution.

1)  Do you feel this woman deserves the Nobel Peace Prize?

2)  What do you think of the Argentine government after reading this story?

3)  In Argentina prostitution is legal.  Do you think this allows for such kidnappings to occur?
Is the problem of forced sexual slavery a possibility in any country that has legalized prostitution?


Yes, I'm the guy who caused the "scandal" in Asia two years ago :P

Yes, I'm also the guy who wrote the very funny ESL book: New York City Sucks, But You'll Wanna Live Here Anyway

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