Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Controversial Michigan "Right-to-Work" Law

Labor unions have played an important role in American history and have helped to ensure that workers are treated fairly and receive adequate wages.  However, there has recently been a backlash (a negative reaction) against labor unions in various US states.  It is often felt that unions have received too many benefits for their workers and that the high wages unions expect for their workers are actually harming the businesses that employ the workers.

In Michigan a law was just passed to ensure that workers are not "forced" to join unions.  Basically, as part of many union agreements with businesses, once a worker is hired, money is auotmatically taken from the worker's paycheck and sent to the union as the worker's union dues or union fees.  So workers automatically become union members when they are hired at some companies.

The "right-to-work" law states that workers can no longer automatically be registered as union workers once they are hired for a job.  Workers must actively "choose" to join a union.


1)  Whose side are you on?  The union side or the business side?

2)  What do you think of this law?

3)  If you were hired as a worker and automatically enrolled in a union, with money taken from your check to pay for the union fees, how would you feel?

4)  What role do unions play in your home country?

5)  Do you think that unions are now "out of control" and harming business more than helping it?


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