Thursday, December 6, 2012

Illegal Immigrant Numbers Drop in The USA

There are currently 11 million illegal immigrants in the USA.  About 80% of the illegal immigrants are from Mexico and other Latin American countries.  Yet, for various reasons, it looks as if illegal immigration is dropping and may continue to drop.  Indeed, Asians supplanted Latinos as the number one immigrant group (legal immigrants) for this past year.

1)  What do you believe should be done in regard to the 11 million illegal immigrants who are currently in the USA?  Should they be offered citizenship?  Under which terms?

2)  Illegal immigrants who are very young and who wish to attend US colleges and universities have been allowed to stay in the USA.  What do you think of this "Dream Act"?

3)  In general, do you have any opinion about the current US immigration policy?  How might it be changed for the better of people in general and the country?

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