Saturday, December 8, 2012

Obama To Be In Psy's Audience Despite "Anti-American" Performance

It has been revealed that the Korean performer "Psy" once participated in anti-American performances in which he advocated that American military personnel, as well as their families, be killed.

Many Americans are, therefore, quite upset that Psy has been invited to perform at a concert which the president of the United States will attend.

1)  At the time of the anti-American performance, two Korean teenagers had been accidentally killed by US military personnel and there were reports of American soldiers torturing prisoners in Iraq.  Do you feel he was justified in singing the lyrics he sang at that time?

2)  Do you feel that Psy was hypocritical in that he came to make money in a country he had previously attacked? (In the past he seems to have protested the presence of American soldiers in South Korea.)

3)  Do you think that Psy is a hypocrite for apologizing to Americans for the song?  Why didn't he just say, "Yes, I said what I said and I meant it at the time.  There is no need for an apology."

4)  Why do you think he apologized?

5)  Does it seem to you, as it seems to me, that Psy will sing or say anything to benefit himself at any time?

6)  Does this situation change your attitude or feelings toward this performer? 

7) Psy is a so-called "K-pop" performer.  Although his production company (YG) does not have a bad reputation, K-pop entertainment companies generally have a terrible reputation around Asia.  (You can google:  K-pop slave contracts,  K-pop plagiarism, K-pop sexualization of teens etc.)

Indeed, I used to teach English to K-pop performers based in New York and I quit because I became disgusted with their entertainment company on so many levels.

Do you think this latest revelation about Psy is going to hurt other K-pop performers as they try to make money in America?

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