Sunday, December 9, 2012

US Supreme Court Examines "Gay Marriage Ban"

More than half of the states in the US have banned gay marriage.  Other states, including New York, have made gay marriage legal.  Interestingly, California, which is known as a liberal state, has banned gay marriage.

Even in states where gay marriage is legal, however, same-sex couples do not receive the types of benefits from the US government which heterosexual couples receive.  Therefore the US Supreme Court will determine whether states can ban same-sex marriages and whether or not homosexual couples should receive the same types of benefits as heterosexual couples.

1)  How do you feel about the issue of gay marriage?

2)  If a state has banned gay marriage, do you think the Supreme Court should have a right to overturn their laws?

3)  How are gay people generally treated in your country?

4)  If gay people are hesitant to 'come out' in your home country, do you think that laws are necessary to protect their rights?

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