Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Los Angeles Police "Buy Back" Guns

Many American big cities have "buy back" days for guns.

This means that people can hand over any type of gun they have to the police, and the police will give them money or a gift card.  In the case of Los Angeles, the police gave away giftcards to people willing to hand in guns that they own. The guns may be legal or illegal.

This is allowed anonymously - the police do not ask any questions. They just take the gun and hand out the money or cards.

1)  Why do you think people are willing to hand in their guns even though they might not get the full value of money for the gun back?

2)  Some people criticize this program and say that "criminals" are being rewarded by being given money for their illegal guns.  Others say this is a good way to get guns out of the hands of more people.  What do you think?

3)  An opponent of gun control said that in gun buy-backs, criminals do not hand in their guns, but honest law-abiding people do.  Do you think this argument makes sense or do you think this person has an innacurate perception of the situation?

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