Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The UN Wants To Ban Female Genital Mutilation

Female genital mutiliation is a practice in which the "clitoris" of a girl is cut out from her vagina in order to ensure that she cannot enjoy sex as a pleasurable activity.  The clitoris is a small area in the vagina which can provide pleasure to a woman when it is stimulated. 

The goal of female genital mutilation is to make the woman more passive sexually.  Her husband is to enjoy sex, she is to serve his needs to reproduce a child and to give him pleasure.

This is often done in some Muslim countries, although there is nothing in the Koran about so-called "female circumcision."  Most progressive Muslims consider female genital mutilation to be morally wrong and unsupported by the Islamic religion.


1)  Why do you think this practice persists, even though most countries and most people think it is a terrible practice?

2)  Some people say that female genital mutilation is a part of their cultural heritage.  How would you respond to this claim?


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