Thursday, December 20, 2012

Polio Workers Killed In Pakistan

Polio is called the "plague of development."  Ironically, in "under-developed" countries very young children are often exposed to the virus at very early ages and develop immunity for the rest of their lives.  In "developed" countries, in the past, very young children were not exposed naturally to the virus and often contracted the disease later in life.  A US president, Franklin Roosevelt, had polio.  Now, however, immunization can help to eradicate the disease in every country.

The big problem in Pakistan is that the United States is no longer trusted in that country and the vaccinations are suspected to be a part of a plot by America to harm the people there.

1)  Given the fact that the US military has been in that part of the world for too long, can you understand why some Pakistani people are rejecting the vaccines from America?

2) What can be done to help immunize the children of Pakistan, even though the USA is no longer trusted in that country?


Yes, I'm the guy who caused the "scandal" in Asia two years ago :P

Yes, I'm also the guy who wrote the very funny ESL book: New York City Sucks, But You'll Wanna Live Here Anyway

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