Friday, December 21, 2012

Should Each US School Have An Armed Guard?

The NRA is the National Rifle Association.  This is the chief or primary "lobbying" group for the freedom to own guns in the USA.  A "lobbying" group is an organized group that meets with politicians in the US Congress to try to persuade them to vote in certain ways on certain issues.

The NRA donates a great amount of money to many politicians and has a great amount of influence in Congress.  This is quite a powerful organization.  Indeed, it seems that even Obama does not want to offend the NRA - Obama does not support banning handguns in the USA.

In response to the murder of 26 innocent people at an American school, the NRA is blaming video games, television, Hollywood and rock music for the "culture of violence" in America. They are not admitting that the easy accessibility of guns made this "massacre" (a massacre is when a large number of innocent people are killed at one time) possible.

The NRA is also recommending that every American school should have an armed guard (a guard with a gun).

1)  Is there a culture of violence in the USA?  If so, how did this culture of violence develop in the USA and not in other countries?

2)  Do you believe that video games, television etc. are helping to make children more violent?

3)  What do you think about the suggestion that every school should have a guard with a gun?

4)  The Vice President of the NRA states, "The only way you can stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy with a gun."  What do you think of this attitude?


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