Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Hero Takes A Fall: Lance Armstrong

The big news in the sporting world is that it looks as if everyone's suspicions about Lance Armstrong were correct.  Based on news reports, it seems he used performance-enhancing drugs in order to defeat other athletes in competition.

He gave an interview to the American TV host Oprah Winfrey and this interview will be broadcast on her cable chanel.  However, in the article below, you can see that she states he "didn't come clean" to the extent to which she had hoped he would.  To "come clean" means to honestly admit the truth about something you did which was wrong.

What is terrible about this situation is that Armstrong sued various people who had accused him of taking drugs and in almost every situation he won his lawsuit.  Now, it's Lance's turn to get sued.


1) Do you think all cyclists do this? Do you think all athletes do this?

2)  Have you lost faith in the integrity/honesty of cyclists because of this news?

3)  It seems that many baseball players have taken steroids.  Many could still be taking steroids.  Do you think that any sport is free from steroids?

4)  Can you watch athletic events anymore and enjoy them knowing that most, if not all, athletes are probably trying to cheat by using these drugs?

5)  Do you think that the international cycling organization referred to in this article helped Armstrong to cover up his drug usage?  Why or why not?

6)  When many athletes are accused of taking these drugs, they point out that they all passed the "drug tests" that were given to them.  What does this mean?

7)  Honestly, I stopped watching all sporting events years ago, except for the Soccer World Cup, because I honestly believe most athletes are taking drugs to cheat and unfairly win.  What do you think of my attitude?

8)  What can be done to stop the spread of steroids in sports?  Can anything be done?


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