Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Does John Galliano Deserve a Second Chance?

In 2011 a drunken John Galliano stated that he liked Hitler and seemingly indicated that he wished two Jewish ladies (who were speaking to him at a bar) and their families had been killed during the Holocaust.  For this Galliano lost his job at Dior and was convicted of criminal offenses in France.

Now, Oscar de la Renta is offering him a temporary position at his enterprise.

1)  Based on what Galliano did, do you think he deserves a second chance?

2)  Galliano seems to be saying that "alcohol" was doing the talking, and not him.  What do you think?

3)  Do you think he is truly sorry?

4)  In American sports, people seem to have short-term memories.  Kobe Bryant was arrested for rape and seemed to "settle" the case out of court with a monetary payment to the potential victim, and he has continued playing basketball.  Michael Vick engaged in bloody and deadly 'dog fighting' activities, spent two years in jail and then was rehired by an NFL team.  Do you think people in the fashion world have such short-term memories as well?  Why is this?

5)  Would you ever financially support anything John Galliano is involved with?

Yes, I'm the guy who caused the "scandal" in Asia two years ago :P

Yes, I'm also the guy who wrote the very funny ESL book: New York City Sucks, But You'll Wanna Live Here Anyway

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