Saturday, January 26, 2013

NY Restaurant Throws Italian Guy in Jail for Forgetting His Wallet

I really don't understand how nasty people can be to each other.  I also still don't understand why police officers in New York City can't develop their problem solving skills. 

In this story, an Italian tourist forgot his wallet at his hotel after eating at a steak restaurant in New York City.

The restaurant called the police and had the man arrested, even though he offered to leave his iPhone behind and offered to take an employee with him to his hotel room.

The restaurant is called Smith and Wollensky.

1)  Do you think this restaurant had to have the man arrested?

2)  Some of my private students have felt that perhaps this Italian man WAS trying to steal a free meal from the restaurant.  Apparently he was alone and ate over $200 worth of food.  Does his story sound strange to you?  If he didn't have his wallet, how did he get to the restaurant?

3)  Couldn't the police, perhaps, have driven this man to his hotel to get his wallet?  Wouldn't that have been the SMART thing to do?  Is it too difficult to expect NYC restaurants and police to do the SMART thing?

4)  Would you ever eat at Smith and Wollensky after hearing about how they treat people who make simple mistakes?

5)  Do you think this restaurant should now apologize?

6)  Do you think the Italian man should sue the restaurant and the New York Police Department?


Yes, I'm the guy who caused the "scandal" in Asia two years ago :P

Yes, I'm also the guy who wrote the very funny ESL book: New York City Sucks, But You'll Wanna Live Here Anyway

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