Tuesday, February 5, 2013

North Korea Creates Video of New York under Missile Attack

I am going to change the format of this "blog" a little.  I'm going to pick out interesting vocabulary words (and give you their definitions) from the internet or newspaper article I post, so that you can better read the article.

Here are the interesting words, followed by the article:

Here is a vocabulary review exercise for these words: http://convostartersenglish.blogspot.com/2013/05/vocabulary-review-from-north-korea.html

to provoke, provocative - to provoke something is to cause something; if something is provocative, it is meant to cause a reaction or a response.

a PR stunt - PR stands for Public Relations.  A stunt is an action done to create publicity or to gain attention.  A PR stunt is some action or activity done in order to get  everyone's attention.

bizarre - strange

a sequence of something - when one thing follows another.  If I look at 10 photos, one after the other, I look at a sequence of 10 photos.

proceeds - profits; if I wrote a book and say I am going to give the proceeds to charity, I am going to give all the profits to charity.

a caption - a caption is a little bit of text or words that come along with a picture or image.

a soundtrack - this is music which comes along with a video or movie

apparent - if something is apparent, it looks that way.  i.e. If a man is lying on the street and not breathing, it seems apparent that he might be dead.

instrumental music - this is music without words. In this video they take the music from a famous 1980s song created by a super-group of US celebrities who were trying to raise money to feed people in Africa.

to unify, to be unified - to be together.  Germany unified in 1990. Korea is not unified - it is divided.

to resemble, resembling - to look like something.  The city in the video resembles (looks like) New York City.

billowing - billowing smoke is when big clouds of smoke rise into the sky

to ban something - to prohibit something, to make something illegal

a double-standard - to have different standards for two similar situations. i.e. My parents have a double-standard in regard to my brother and me.  They treat my brother like a prince, but they treat me like a beggar.

imminent - if something is imminent, it will happen soon

to be ablaze - to be on fire

to retaliate - to get revenge, to hurt someone who has hurt you

wickedness - evilness

a nest - this is where a bird makes its home. In the N. Korean video they say NY is a nest of wickedness (a home for evil).

hostility - aggressiveness

a sanction - if a group of countries places sanctions on another country, they refuse to do business with that country, or refuse to cooperate fully with that country.  The UN has placed sanctions on Iran and North Korea for their aggressive actions.

to stem from - a stem is a part of a flower that grows from the ground up.  If something stems from something else, it causes something else.


In this article we see that the North Korean government is trying to scare Americans by presenting images of what NY City will look like if it is attacked by missiles.

1)  Why do you think North Korea is doing this?

2)  Do you think they are serious about attacking the USA?

3)  Do you think the USA has a double-standard?  It criticizes North Korea for missile tests, but remains silent when South Korea conducts tests.

4)  North Korea is one of the poorest countries in the world with one of the worst dictatorships.  The people of that country are truly suffering.  What can the world do to help the North Korean people?

5)  Previous South Korean presidents used to send lots of food to North Korea and they had very peaceful relations with that government.  However, most of the food went to soldiers and government officials.  People starved.  Now current South Korean presidents are refusing to send food and North Korea keeps threatening other countries.  What should South Korea do?

Yes, I'm the guy who created the scandal in Asia two years ago :P




Yes, I'm also the guy who wrote the very funny ESL book: New York City Sucks, But You'll Wanna Live Here Anyway

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