Monday, February 4, 2013

Real-Life Horror Story in Alabama: 5 Year-Old Hostage

Alabama is one of the US states in the southern part of the country.  In this state there is a real-life horror story happening.

Last week, for unknown reasons, a 65 year-old man walked up to a school bus, shot the driver and kidnapped a 5 year-old boy from the bus.  He then took the 5 year-old boy to his property and went into a bunker with the boy.  A bunker is an underground room.  Many farms or rural (country-side) properties have bunkers so that people can go into a safe place if there is a tornado or other disaster.

Police have surrounded the bunker, but they are unable to get into it to save the child.  They speak to the man through a pipe every day to try to convince him to allow the child to go.  He is refusing to do so. (The child is a "hostage" in this situation - a person being used to protect the person who is the kidnapper.)

Apparently the man has enough food in the bunker to last several weeks.  There is only one entrance to the bunker and if the man hears the police coming, he will shoot the child.  He has been in this bunker for 7 days now with this poor child.

Nobody is sure why he did this.

Update:  They stormed the bunker and saved the child.  The kidnapper was killed.

1)  What do you think the police in Alabama should do about this situation?

2)  What do you think were this man's motives?

3)  Based on the reading, what type of person is this man?

4) Do you think they took too long to attack the bunker?

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