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Vocabulary Review: 9 Words from "Tools of Terrorism in The USA"

Here are nine highly useful words from the posting: Tools of Terrorism in The USA.

Here is the article:

Please test yourself on these words.  If you have trouble remembering the meanings of the words, please refer back to the article from last month.

Before I begin posting more articles, I want to do a few more vocabulary reviews. I think these reviews will really help you.

Words to be used:
(In this exercise, some words are used twice.)

to bolster, a hazard, resilient
incendiary, crude, to disrupt
an insurgent, passersby, vigilant 


1) Whenever we learn a new type of concept, at first we have a ____________ understanding of it; later we begin to see the concept more and more clearly and perfectly.

2)  This is at least a 12 person project, and we only have 8 staff members.  We are going to have to _____________ our staff by 4 people.

3)  When oil is drilled from the ground, it is initially in its ___________ or basic form.  Through various refining processes, oil becomes gasoline or various other substances.

4)  Every person in every city has to now realize that large, unattended (left alone) packages are a serious _______________.  People in Boston did not seem to realize that two unattended backpacks contained bombs that killed 3 people and wounded over 200.

5)  If a person loses his job, he has to be _______________.  It's important to bounce right back and to look for another.

6)  Once I felt dizzy, lost consciousness and then collapsed on 5th avenue in Manhattan. When I regained my consciousness, I noticed that all the _________________ were avoiding me because helping me would have made them late for their appointments.  

7)  Bob is one of the most ____________ guys I know.  He loved his father but right after his father's death he was right back at work.  he recovered from the loss quickly.

8)  Many people think that Americans have an unlimited freedom of speech.  No, this is not true.  One type of speech that is prohibited is called _________________ speech.  You cannot encourage a group of people to commit an act of violence.

9)  These days, when I read something, I turn off all my electronic appliances, since I do not want some incoming e-mail, text message or phone call to ____________ my thoughts.

10)  The people of New York City have learned to be extra _______________.  If something doesn't look right, they take action and call the police.  This is one reason why there have not been terrorist attacks here since 2001.

11.  Many young men around the world are often influenced by the _____________ speech of extremist religious figures, who encourage others to use violence to change things in the world.

12. You simply cannot learn a new language unless you believe you can learn it, and everyone at any age can learn a new language.  We all have to ___________ our self-confidence.

13.  Although the war against Iraq seemed to be over in 2003, shortly after it began, the US military did not realize that many _______________ would begin to secretly attack US soldiers and Iraqi civilians.

14.  While the politician was speaking, one person who disagreed with her kept yelling in order to ____________ her speech.

Answers are below:

Farther down....

A little farther

Just a little more...

Here you go:


1. crude
2. bolster
3. crude
4. hazard
5. resilient
6. passersby
7. resilient
8. incendiary
9. disrupt
10. vigilant
11. incendiary
12. bolster
13. insurgents
14. disrupt

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