Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A South African company will begin selling 'drones' world-wide

A 'drone' is a type of aircraft that does not have a pilot and that can be guided to kill a person.

I thought this article was interesting.  Because President Obama has been using drones to kill people around the world, and because the international community has not condemned this practice (has not said it is wrong), a South African company will sell drones to any country that also wants to safely kill people.

Why should the international community condemn 'drone-killing'?  Basically people are being targeted by the Obama administration, they are not being given any trials or court proceedings and they are being killed.  Basically Obama is saying, "I want this person in Afghanistan to be killed" and then drones are being sent out to kill the person - with no trial and no evidence being presented to anyone that the person being killed deserves to die.

The article:



Do you think the Obama administration has the right to kill various people around the world with drones?

Do you think that selling drones around the world will help to create or maintain world peace?

It looks to me as if a 'hierarchy' is being created.  Wealthy countries create or buy drones and they are able to kill people in poorer countries.  Would you agree or disagree?

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