Monday, June 17, 2013

Anti-Asian Racism in France?

This is a shocking story of an apparent trend in France - Chinese students of wine-making are being harassed and even physically attacked.

The article:

Vocabulary to help you understand the article:

a trend - something that is becoming more and more common.

to be harassed - if someone harasses you, he/she bothers you or does things to upset or harm you emotionally.

to spark - to cause

to provoke outrage - to cause or spark outrage.  Outrage is extreme anger at something which is wrong.

oenology - is the study of wine and wine-making.

assaulted - attacked.

alleged attackers - they seem to be the attackers but it hasn't been proved yet.

intoxicated - drunk.  They had too much alcohol to drink.

in custody - the police have them in a jail.

xenophobia - pronounced: zee no FO bia, means a hatred of strangers or foreigners. I would argue this isn't xenophobia, it is racism (when one racial group hates another racial group).

elevated the outrage - made the outrage more intense.

to be targets - French people seem to think that Chinese students or travelers are like 'targets' that can be aimed at and hurt.  A target is literally something you shoot at.

he ensured the safety of Chinese people - he promised the safety of Chinese people.

to condemn the school's failure - they strongly criticized the school for not keeping the Chinese students safe.

a decline in domestic enrollment - French students are not enrolling in these wine schools as much as they used to.  Domestic means "local" or "in one's own country."

to have second thoughts - to reconsider, to have doubts about doing something.

a deteriorating safety situation - to deteriorate means to start falling apart; such a situation is one in which the safety situation is getting worse and worse.

resentment - French wine-makers are upset with (feel resentment against) the Chinese who are buying large areas of land in France.

fatal - causing death.

far-right extremists - very, very conservative extremists.

a resurgence - if something comes back strongly after you think it is gone or disappearing, it is showing a resurgence.

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