Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Are there any 'good guys' in Syria?

For many months President Obama has been reluctant (has not wanted) to supply the 'rebels' in Syria with weapons to help them overthrow the government of the dictator Assad. A dictator is a single ruler of a country who makes the laws himself and who is usually not concerned about the welfare (well-being) or rights of the people.

Now we can see why President Obama has been so hesitant to help.

The rebels (those fighting against the current government) might be even greater monsters than the dictator.

Here is a story of how some rebels captured, tortured and killed a young man, because they believed he had insulted the prophet Mohammed.


Question for discussion, writing:

1) What do you think the world should do about the civil war/rebellion in Syria? It's true that Assad has been a dictator, but what if the new government becomes like the Taliban of Afghanistan was? 

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