Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Finnish Baby-Care Boxes

Here's an interesting article about a Finnish tradition.

Every pregnant woman (expectant mother) in Finland is entitled to a box of baby-care items. The box itself can even be used as a type of crib or bed for the baby. The article states that this type of box may have helped Finland to significantly reduce its infant mortality rate (the rate of deaths, per year, of babies).


Questions for discussion/writing:

1)  Do you think this system could work in every country?  For instance, would this be a good idea in your country - why or why not?

2)  In Japan every new mother receives over $3,500 from the government.  Which is better, a baby box or money?

3)  The article seems to imply that these baby-care boxes helped reduce infant mortality in Finland and may have helped in the development of the country.  Do you think this is a fair claim?  can these boxes have had such a significant effect?

4)  In order to get a baby-care box, a mother has to visit a doctor early in her pregnancy.  Should this be a requirement?

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