Saturday, June 15, 2013

Vocabulary Review for "Update on Turkey"

The entry from which these words are taken is:

Please review the vocabulary from this entry before doing the exercise.

Words to be used (answers come after the exercise):

to defy, dense, to show restraint,
fascism, rare, unrest,
secular, to mushroom, to impose,

1.  In 2003, when George Bush was putting together his military coalition (group of nations) to attack Iraq, countries like England and South Korea did not feel they could ____________ the wishes of the USA.  Tony Blair and Roh Moo-Hyun were both liberal politicians who felt they had to do what Bush wanted.

2.  The only thing that the international community can seem to do to stop Iran from pursuing nuclear weapons is to ______________ economic sanctions (penalties) for continued nuclear development.  This seems better, to many, than the Israeli proposal of attacking their nuclear facilities.

3.  The difficult economic times in Spain have led to a great deal of social ____________, as Los Indignados often protest the lack of jobs and opportunities.

4.  In the Iranian revolution, a _____________ dictator was replaced by an ultra-religious Ayatollah.  The country, then, became a 'theocracy,' a government ruled by religious leaders according to religious laws.

5.  The traffic in Manhattan is too ____________.  It takes forever to drive a car from one part of the city to another due to the traffic jams.

6.  When dealing with annoying or confrontational individuals it is often better to ____________________ than to stoop to their level and act the way they are acting.  (a confrontational individual is someone trying to cause trouble - to stoop to their level means to lower yourself to their level)

7.  _________________ was a nationalistic political philosophy developed in Italy in the 1920s, but the term is often applied to any type of authoritarian government control.

8.  The Obama administration tried to resolve the unemployment crisis by borrowing money to stimulate the economy.  However, unemployment has not changed for the better and US debt has ________________.

9.  Having a president who was as well-liked and effective as Dwight David Eisenhower has been __________ in US history.  "Ike" (as Eisenhower was called) led the US during eight years of peace in which the economy boomed (increased) and the Civil Rights Movement began.

Answers are below:


1. defy
2. impose
3. unrest
4. secular 
5. dense
6. show restraint
7. Fascism
8. mushroomed
9. rare

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