Friday, June 14, 2013

Vocabulary review from: Erdogan and Turkish police.....

This vocabulary review comes from this entry:

Please review the vocabulary from that entry before attempting this exercise.

Answers are below the exercise.

Words to be used:

objective, disgusted, to topple, authoritarian,
makeshift, to vow, to storm, a concession,
to erect, to spark, intervention, a riot,

1)  The American Revolution was started because it was felt that Kind George III had adopted a too _________________ approach to ruling the North American colonies.  For instance, the colonists did not have any chance to represent themselves in the English Parliament.

2)  Is there an _______________ newspaper in New York City?  No.  Each newspaper seems to have some bias (prejudice) toward a political party.  Can a newspaper exist which does not favor one political ideology over another? 

3)  Political authorities should always be careful in regard to how they deal with protesters.  If they allow the protesters to make their point peacefully, everything will be ok.  But if the police overreact and attack the protesters, a _____________ will likely break out.

4)  Syrian 'rebels' recently tortured and killed a teenage boy for religious reasons.  This is why I am ______________ that the president of the United States will now be giving weapons to these rebels. (A rebel group is a group that wants to overthrow a government and establish a new government.)

5)  The world has become more than disgusted with the constant attempts at _____________ which the United States government makes.  It seems that regardless of who the president is, the US government wants to get involved in the affairs of every possible foreign government.

6)  During the Cold War it was feared that one little incident might __________ a nuclear war.  Therefore, diplomacy between the US and USSR (Russia) was critical at that time.

7)  Although George W. Bush claimed that Saddam Hussein was building weapons of mass destruction, there were, obviously, other reasons as to why he wanted to ______________ that government.  Many people feel he wanted to gain access to more oil for his father's business friends.

8)  When gorillas (big apes) want to sleep, they make ______________ beds for themselves out of many tree branches and leaves.

9)  Although President Obama _________ to eliminate the illegal prisons at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where various men captured in Afghanistan have been held without any court proceedings for many years, he did not do this.

10)  Many new buildings are being ___________ in New York City, but they are for wealthy individuals who want to move here and live here.  There is very little effort to create affordable housing for the poor or middle class.

11)  Thankfully the New York City police never ______________ Zuccoti Park, where the Occupy Wall Street protesters were.  They found another way to eliminate the protests without using violence.  Now Occupy Wall Street seems to be a dead movement, but at least people were not killed or harmed.

12)  In order for an immigration law to be passed in the USA, both political parties will have to make _________________.  Only by compromising can this law be passed.


1. authoritarian
2. objective
3. riot
4. disgusted
5. intervention
6. spark
7. topple
8. makeshift
9. vowed
10. erected
11. stormed
12. concessions

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