Thursday, July 25, 2013

Test your vocabulary - 14 useful intermediate level words in English

These 14 words are taken from the last two articles posted on this blog. Please review the vocabulary from these entries before you try to do the exercises:

remote, detrimental to, no strings attached, bleak, to clamor for, to document something, bipartisan, to enhance, insolvency, due diligence, to mitigate, a constraint, an appetite, an advocate,

1.  According to the United States Constitution (the chief document concerning how the government will be run), The Congress is supposed to be a ____________ to the power of the president.  Otherwise, the President of the United States might become a dictator (someone with unlimited power who does not care about the rights of the people).

2.  Some people are talking about the possibility of building colonies on the moon or the planet Mars.  Yet, I am not so sure I would want to live in such a __________ place.

3.  When Bob was a child, his parents wanted to treat him very well, so they often bought him lots of soda and other sugary drinks.  At that time, people did not know how ______________ such drinks could be to a person's health.

4.  By continually reviewing the vocabulary in the various postings on this blog, you can greatly ______________ your vocabulary and fluency.

5.  Many professional people, who often work hard for high salaries, enjoy doing volunteer work and helping others with _____________.

6.  Although Bob was very angry when Debra did not show up for their date, his anger was ______________ when he learned that Debra really wasn't feeling well that night.  He was still a little upset, but not as much as he had been.

7.  The chances for economic recovery in Detroit look so ____________ that the city has been forced to declare bankruptcy.

8.  Although Bob believed that his supervisor was engaged in tax fraud, he was not able to _____________ this, and so he never filed a formal complaint to the government.

9.  One part of the Congress of the United States is now dominated by the Republican Party, while the other is dominated by the Democratic Party.  There are very few ______________ decisions.

10.  Every landlord (a person who rents rooms or apartments) has an obligation to practice _______________ and to make sure his/her tenants are safe and living in good conditions.

11.  After several long years of ridiculous and badly managed wars, the American people seem to have lost their ____________ for more fighting.

12.  Even though Zimmerman was found not guilty of murder, many people in America are upset and are ________________ the US government to arrest Zimmerman again for a different crime.

13.  Cesar Chavez was an amazing American hero.  During a period of time when most Americans did not know or care about Mexican migrant farm workers (poor Mexicans who would come to the USA and travel around California picking fruits and vegetables for farm owners) he became an ______________ for these folks and tried to help them gain their rights.

14.  The USA has very liberal bankruptcy laws, but you have to prove that you are close to or experiencing _____________ before you are given the opportunity to declare bankruptcy.

Answers are below:


1. constraint
2. remote (bleak might also work here)
3. detrimental
4. enhance
5. no strings attached
6. mitigated
7. bleak (remote might work here)
8. document
9. bipartisan
10. due diligence
11. appetite
12. clamoring for
13. advocate
14. insolvency

remote means far away, bleak means very plain - but in questions 2 and 7, either word would have worked

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