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Will tourists go to Jamaica for marijuana "tastings"?

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Some farmers in Jamaica are taking advantage of an ineffective government and police department - they are offering to take tourists (illegally) to locations where they can sample some of the best marijuana on the island.

Marijuana is a type of drug which is smoked and which can make a person feel peaceful or happy, although sometimes the drug makes a person feel anxious (nervous) or paranoid (the person feels threatened and thinks others want to hurt him/her).  The main ingredient of the drug is tetra hydrocannabinol (THC).

The article:

Vocabulary to help you understand the article:

a twist on wine tours - when there is a 'twist' on something, this means there is 'a different version' of something or a new thing that is kind of like an old thing.  Let's say that someone makes a movie and you ask me what kind of movie it is.  I might say, "It's a horror film.  In fact, it's a twist on 'Dracula.'"  That would mean that the film starts with the basic Dracula idea but changes it a bit.  So here, you have marijuana tastings, which are a twist on the idea of wine tastings.

pot - a slang term for marijuana

Napa and Sonoma - these are valleys in California where you can see the vineyards (where the grapes are grown) and you can taste some of the wine.

to flock to - if tourists flock to a location they all go to that location.  A flock is, literally, a group of birds.  Birds tend to flock together - travel together - to places.

a connoisseur - someone who really values or appreciates something

ganja - a slang term for marijuana

mystical - dealing with the religious

cannabis plantations - cannabis is a name for the marijuana plant. A plantation is a large farm.

a strain - in this case, a type of marijuana plant

reggae - a type of music

verdant - green, lush, filled with plant life

dreadlocks -   

mystique - here this word means reputation; a mystique is a very good reputation bordering almost on a 'myth'

weed - another term for marijuana

sinsemilla, chocolate skunk - types of marijuana

his plot - his area of land

a legalization drive - an attempt to make something legal

an advocate - something who believes in something and speaks in favor of it

a struggling economy - a economy which is not doing well; it is not a healthful economy

a boost - a rise, an increase

sprinters - runners like Usain Bolt

dynamic - if something is dynamic, it changes or is exciting

evolving - moving forward

in light of - because of, or due to

this hemisphere - the western hemisphere; since some US states and one South American country have legalized marijuana, Jamaica might do it as well

decriminalize - make it legal

to regulate pot - to establish some standards and laws concerning it

reform - any type of reform means positive change

prospects for - the chances of something happening.  i.e.  There is a 50/50 chance (prospect) it will rain tomorrow.  That means a 50% chance.

commercialization - the selling of something

laid-back - casual, informal

conservative - a conservative person does not like to take chances or see things change

Rasta - this refers to a religion that uses marijuana as part of its ceremony

pervasive - all over the place

illicit - illegal

a crop - this is what is grown on a farm: a crop of potatoes, a crop of corn etc.

enthusiastically - eagerly

rolling paper - it's the paper used to make marijuana cigarettes

a caveat - a warning.

a spliff - a type of marijuana cigarette

presumably - apparently

culturally entrenched - a deep part of the culture.  A trench is a deep hole in the ground. If you are entrenched somewhere, it is as if you have dug a hole and are in the hole to defend yourself from an enemy.

cast off - eliminate, get rid of

a prominent - famous

glaucoma - an eye disease which can be made better by using that person's drug

a hub - a place where people flock to

indentured servants - they were almost like slaves.  They worked for 7 years without pay before receiving their freedom.

alleviate - make something better.  Aspirin alleviates pain (gets rid of, eliminates, makes a person feel less pain)

a remedy - a cure

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