Thursday, October 24, 2013

An Indian elementary school girl was 'gang' raped and set on fire

A few days ago I put up a posting about slavery around the world.  It turns out that 1/2 of all slaves are in India.  So out of 30 million slaves in the world, 15 million are in India. India also has massive poverty (a huge amount of poor people) and huge malnutrition rates (malnutrition is when people - especially children - do not receive enough food).

Several months ago there was a report about a young woman who was 'gang raped' and beaten after being taken from a train by several men.  A 'gang rape' is when several men force themselves on a woman sexually. At that time it was revealed that the Indian government and police tend to ignore such situations - therefore, this type of thing seems to happen a lot to women in India.

Now there is another story coming from India about a child who was gang raped and then set on fire.  Yes, the rapists attempted to burn the child to death after they raped her.  The child, in fact, died.  It seems that the rapists were afraid the child would go to the police.

I think it is time for the world to start to speak out about the terrible things that are happening in India on a daily basis.  For instance, US news sources often present information about malnutrition in North Korea. There is terrible malnutrition there, yet, the malnutrition numbers are much higher in India, but this is rarely reported. India, after all, is a 'democracy' and an 'ally' (friend) of the United States, so there is often silence about the lingering abuses there. ('lingering' means continuing or never-ending)

We live in a globalized, civilized world, but India seems to be in a situation in which brutal and barbaric things happen on a daily basis.  This should be unacceptable.  If India doesn't want to change, the civilized world should make it change.

This is a very short article with relatively easy vocabulary.

The article:

Vocabulary from the article:

to no avail - to no good consequence; so the sister ran for help but help did not arrive in time to save her sister.

raiding - if the police 'raid' a place, they go there secretly and enter the place forcefully to catch people before they can escape

assailants - the attackers, the rapists

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