Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Should this "Sponge Bob" gravestone be allowed?

In this article you can see that the family of a woman chose an unusual gravestone (tombstone) for their relative after her death.  They chose a 7 foot tall (2.15 meter) statue of Sponge Bob.

People who have dead relatives buried in that cemetery do not feel that the tombstone is appropriate and the cemetery has removed the giant Sponge Bob.  

What do you think?  If you had a relative buried in this cemetery, would a giant statue of Sponge Bob bother you (upset you)?

The article:


Vocabulary to help you understand the article:

a vet - a veteran. In this case it means someone who served in the US military as a soldier.

a gravestone is a marker placed over a person's grave when the person dies and is buried in the ground in a cemetery.  The grave is the hole in the ground into which a coffin (box containing the corpse - dead body) is placed.

to be slain - to be killed

towering - huge, large, big like a tower

an impasse - a situation in which people cannot go farther; if you are at an impasse, you are stuck

fashioned in the likeness of - made to look like

erected - set up

erected for the twin sister - the sister has not died yet, but she wanted a tombstone like that as well

went to great lengths - they did a lot of work

a fitting tribute - an appropriate way to honor her memory

strangled - when someone uses his hands or something else to stop a person from breathing until that person is dead

charged with her killing - he has been formally accused of killing her and must appear in court on these charges

to accommodate someone - to make someone happy

interred there - buried there in the ground

a dispute - an argument

to field all the comments - to accept and listen to all the comments

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