Wednesday, November 6, 2013

6 adjectives and 1 noun

amiable - friendly, warm
bellicose - warlike
complaisant - eager to please
decrepit - very old, falling apart because of the old age of the object
empirical - based on the evidence of the senses, based on real experience
formidable - difficult to defeat, something which seems intimidating, fearful
guile - deceitfulness, trickery

Bob was one of the most straight-forward guys I knew.  He never acted with any type of ____________; I could truly trust him.

The photos of the building had not been recently taken.  When we arrived to look at the property we expected to buy, it was ________________ and looked as if it might collapse at any moment.

When I first met Bill he seemed like an _______________ guy.  He was outgoing and warm.  But, when he moved in as my roommate he seemed to be a totally different person - rude, selfish and loud.

We went to one of the most expensive restaurants in town and, as you might expect, the waiters were especially _________________ and catered to our every need.

Many liberal American presidents - like Carter and Obama - begin their presidencies in a peaceful manner but seem to become more __________________ as time goes on.

At its beginning stages psychology was very theoretical and there were many competing concepts.  Now the subject has become more ________________ and many concepts have been proved through experiments.

Was there ever a more _______________ basketball team than the Chicago Bulls of the 1990s? They regularly and easily humiliated the New York Knicks, as well as just about every other basketball team in the NBA.

answers are below:



Chicago Bulls:

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