Friday, November 8, 2013

Upper-level vocabulary challenge

These are useful words, even though they are 'higher-level' words:

1) homogeneous - when all the elements or parts of something are the same
2) integrity - a deep sense of honesty, a moral reliability
3) to jeopardize s/t - to put something at risk, to possibly destroy something
4) kudos - praise, congratulations
5) lavish - too much of something good, overly generous
6) a liaison - (two big meanings) 1) someone who is a type of bridge between two organizations and 2) a love affair which is usually kept secret
7) malleable - something that can be changed or re-shaped easily

Many teachers enjoy teaching younger students because they are more _____________than older students. These teachers feel they can have more of an impact in the lives of the younger students.

It was essential for Sun mi to learn English perfectly, because her company in Seoul wished to send her to America to become a _____________ between a business partner in New York and themselves.  

Although Shanghai is an amazing city, the population seems quite ________________ compared to a world city like New York, which has amazing diversity.

For Jack's graduation party his parents spared no expense - it was a ______________ affair with more food and alcohol than the guests could possibly eat and drink.

Maria was a quite humble person, but also an amazing artist.  Therefore, it was difficult for her to accept all the _______________ that her teachers and fellow students gave to her.

George McGovern was a rare politician in American history.  he was not only brave (he had been a war hero in WW II), intelligent and creative, but he had a strong sense of __________________. He was completely honest and always did what he felt to be right.

When my best friend Bob asked me to loan him some money, I was afraid to because I thought that loaning him money might ______________ our friendship.  Yet, after I loaned him the sum, he paid it back immediately.

answers are below:



A little video about George McGovern.  He was the first politician to demand that the Vietnam War end.  He was one of the most honest politicians in American history - his integrity was beyond doubt.

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