Friday, January 2, 2015

Can we show some compassion for Cho Hyun-ah?

I think the internet is dehumanizing all of us.  People see stories about people they do not even know and they often feel they can go on the net and openly attack and mock (make fun of) these people. It's a game that the internet news services play. 

So when I say that the internet dehumanizes us, I mean it encourages people to act in ways that are inhuman or inhumane. The internet and the way the internet is being utilized often encourages people to act worse than animals.

For example, this is a very sad photo above.  The woman who is crying is Cho Hyun-ah. She was the Korean airline executive who became upset on an airplane because she felt a flight attendant had not provided adequate service (it was Cho's job to ensure service standards on that airline).

She is being continually attacked online for one big mistake that she made in her life and I think things have gone too far.  Now the Korean government has arrested her and is charging her with numerous crimes. I think this whole situation is now ridiculous, although it does seem to be the case that government officials in Korea attempted to cover this situation up (as the article below points out). 

In my opinion, not enough people were arrested by the Korean government for the terrible tragedy involving the deaths of over 300 Korean children due to the sinking of the Sewol. Many South Koreans think that the government is covering up aspects of the Sewol tragedy because the person who owned that ship had many wealthy and powerful friends inside and outside Korea. So anger should be directed at a government which, apparently, covers almost everything up.

Cho Hyun-ah apparently had been doing a pretty good job until this one terrible day for her. It seems to me that she is being attacked so viciously because she was fortunate enough to be born into a wealthy family. Instead of acting maliciously and spreading hate and ridicule, greater compassion and concern would have been more appropriate.  But greater compassion and concern on the internet will not help news services or internet providers make money.

Here's an article about her arrest:

Vocabulary to help you understand the article:

nut rage - this is an example of how 'journalists' take a sad situation and try to make it funny or entertaining. If a person is driving a car in the USA and becomes angry at other drivers and starts yelling at them, we call this 'road rage'. Rage means extreme anger.  So they are saying this woman became upset because of the way that nuts were being served to her and they are calling this a 'nut rage' situation.

prosecutors - lawyers who work for the government

allegedly - apparently; if someone allegedly does something, something is being claimed but it hasn't been proved yet.

endangering - putting people in danger. How did she endanger anyone?  This is an over-reaction.

mounting anger - increasing anger; basically, I think people do not like this woman because she grew up in a wealthy family and this is their chance to attack someone who has had more advantages than they have had.

dubbed - called

to flee - to escape

warranted - justified; if a concern is warranted, it is possible or even probable

detention facility - a place like a prison

an arrest warrant - an order from a judge for the police to take a person into custody

charges - accusations, claims that a person did something wrong

changing a flight route - she did not change a flight route - the airplane never got off the ground.

poked - pushed

siblings - a brother and sister are siblings

cozy - friendly, kind, warm

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