Saturday, January 3, 2015

Did the US government lie about the North Korean hacking of Sony?

Almost everyone in the USA, including me, believed that North Korea had hacked into the internet system of the Sony Corporation in retaliation (revenge) for the making of the film "The Interview." 

Now outside researchers are claiming that this was an 'inside' job.  A disgruntled (unhappy) ex-worker at Sony worked with others to hack into the Sony system and they pinned (blamed) the attack on North Korea, or at least they knew North Korea would be blamed.

So, frankly, given the fact that Snowden showed the US government cannot be trusted in regard to anything, I tend to believe they lied about North Korea. Why, however, would they blame North Korea for this hacking incident?

I am guessing that blaming North Korea gives Obama a chance to seem like a strong leader to the American people.  He has already, apparently, blacked out internet service in North Korea (for 10 hours at one time) and is imposing (placing) more economic sanctions (punishments) on North Korea. Obama has been made to seem foolish and incompetent (not able to do his job well) by Vladimir Putin and now, I guess, Obama is looking for opportunities to make himself seem 'strong.' In the mean time, it looks as if North Korea is telling the truth and the US government, again, is lying. Everyone thought the lying and corruption would stop with Obama, but it has become worse.

An article from Gawker:

Vocabulary to help you understand the article:

unprecedented - this never happened before

or Santa Claus - this is sarcasm, the author is deliberately being funny and providing a ridiculous option to emphasize his argument

compelling - believable, strong

counter-theory - an alternative theory

vulnerable - can be harmed

sifting through - looking through carefully

in the wake of - following

intrusion - invasion, when someone enters a place he/she is not supposed to go

he doesn't buy the... - he doesn't believe the...

the feds - the Federal government, Washington D.C.

the angle - their interpretation, their explanation

dead ends - they don't prove anything; so it looks as if North Korea might have done this, but when you really really check, they are not guilty

leaked data - revealed data, data made public against Sony's will or desire

raided - invaded, attacked

formerly - once upon a time

ad hoc - put together for one purpose or to do one thing

sketchy - not fully developed; an artist often makes a sketch before executing a full painting

it hinges on - it depends on; a door is connected to a frame by a hinge

axed - fired

brutal - harsh, severe

mutual - something in common

pissed - angry (so some people who had been illegally downloading movies from Sony and who had been caught wanted revenge along with an ex-employee who had been fired)

disgruntled - someone unhappy about something

plausible - likely

a crack unit - a well-trained and experienced unit

a wet-dream - this is kind of a dirty/vulgar word...if a man is dreaming of something sexual, he might have an orgasm while he is asleep...therefore his underwear will be wet when he wakes up.  So the writer of this article calls the theory a Tom Clancy 'wet-dream' - a fantasy by the writer of thrillers named Tom Clancy. The writer also attacks the New York Times, which used to be a good newspaper but now is known for defending the Obama administration and other democratic politicians regardless of how corrupt they are.

far-fetched - unlikely, not-to-be-believed

substantiated - proved

a slam-dunk - a sure thing (in basketball a slam dunk is the easiest way to scores points)

to prosecute - to have someone arrested and taken to court

in some capacity - in some way 


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