Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The WHO admits it needs revamping

The World Health Organization is an international organization with representatives from over 130 different countries. One of the goals of the WHO is to detect (discover), limit and eliminate possible threats to public health. It seems safe to say that they failed in this goal in regard to the Ebola outbreak in Africa. 11,000 people have already died and about 25 more per week are dying.

'to revamp something' means to fix something up and make it better. 

An article on problems and upcoming changes to the WHO:


Vocabulary from the article:

to be unfit - to be unfit for something means not to be able to do something effectively or properly

capacity - the ability to get something done

a damning report - a super critical report

commissioned by the WHO - the WHO paid for the repot and aksed someone to complete it

the review panel - the group that wrote the report

to get on top of something - to effectively handle something (it's not a common expression)

an overhaul - to completely fix something; if your car is running badly, you might have to overhaul the engine

reform - complete or near complete change

to be overwhelmed - to have too much to do and not to be able to do it; this is a good term to commit to memory...i.e. How do you feel these days? To be honest with you, I am totally overwhelmed by my work. I am so stressed out!

it shook this organization to its core - it shocked the organization, it negatively affected the organization at every meaningful level

rapid - quick, fast

scaling up - increasing

up to speed - up to date, aware

severity - how serious a situation is

pandemic flu - flu that crosses the borders of different countries and starts spreading

a contingency fund - a large amount of money to be used in an emergency

an epidemic - when a disease spreads rapidly

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