Friday, July 31, 2015

Zimbabwe wants to put Cecil's killer on trial

An American dentist went to Zimbabwe, in Africa, and killed a lion which had become famous throughout the world. This dentist, apparently, enjoys hunting large animals around the world.

Zimbabwe is now seeking to extradite him. This means that they want the United States to send him back to Zimbabwe to be put on trial. A trial is a legal process in which a person is determined to be guilty or innocent of a crime.

Apparently it was illegal to hunt this lion, and the American dentist 'lured' the lion outside of a park where it was protected by the law in order to kill it. "To lure" someone or something means to attract it or draw it from one place to another.

The dentist thought that by luring the lion outside of the park and onto another person's land, he could legally kill it. This was not the case.

Here is a story about this from CNN:

Vocabulary from the article:  

outrage - extreme anger

to extradite - this is when a person is wanted for a crime in a country where he is no longer located and his home country is asked to send him to trial in the country where the crime may have happened

prized - valued

a well-orchestrated agenda - a well-designed and organized plan

to tarnish an image - to make an image look worse; a silver spoon can become tarnished if it is not taken care of - it turns a brownish color

to strain a relationship - to add stress or difficulties to a relationship

a guide - someone who assists a hunter to find wild animals

to be accused of something - this is when the police officially blame someone for doing something illegal

using a crossbow - this is a type of bow and arrow: they did not want to use a gun or they would have been caught illegally hunting.

a lion quota - if there are too many lions in a park, hunters may be allowed to enter the park and kill lions until the proper number is reached

poaching - illegal hunting; apparently the landowner helped lure the lion onto his property, where the dentist shot it

to condemn an action - to strongly say it is wrong

a conservationist - someone who wants to protect wild animals

sustainable utilization of natural resources - making sure that natural resources do not run out or 
are destroyed completely

to ensure a legal hunt - to make sure of a legal hunt

collared - scientists had placed an electronic collar on the lion to study where it traveled

allegedly - supposedly, apparently

to be lured - to be attracted by something so that someone or some animal moves to a place others want it to go to

the uproar - the noise created by an angry public

a petition - a document demanding something from the government which can be signed by numerous people

to be tried - to be put on trial, a process in a courtroom to determine a person's guilt or innocence

Feds mum - this means the federal government is mum on this issue - they are silent on this issue

a hunting quota - a number of animals which can be killed

a boost - an increase

in the wake of - following

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