Friday, May 27, 2016

NYPD Corruption: Hasidic Jews Beat a Gay, Black Man; the NYPD Tries to Cover It Up

To be completely honest, the New York Police Department is the most corrupt police department in the world (corrupt = dishonest - you cannot trust them to act rightly).

This is the way a gay black man looked after he tried walking through a neighborhood (area) of Hasidic Jewish people in New York City.

Apparently these folks don't want gays or blacks or a combination of the two in their neighborhood. The New York Police Department refused to arrest (take to the station or put on trial) any of the many men who did this.

Only after this man's mother went to several newspapers did the police finally take action. The men who attacked this man were arrested and went to trial, but they received very light sentences (punishments).

This is disgraceful. If a poor guy who is gay and black gets beaten by Hasidic Jews, the police won't do anything? How much power do these folks have in this city? There was recently another news article stating that the city government funds (pays for) much of the housing for Hasidic Jews  in NY City.

What's a "Hasidic" Jew?

These are super conservative Jewish folks who live in their own little neighborhoods and who apparently don't want gays and blacks walking through. And if you are gay and/or black, they will apparently just beat you until you are almost dead if you walk through their neighborhoods and the police will apparently allow it.

And then people ask me why I wrote a book called New York City Sucks!

Please read this article:

Vocabulary from the article: 

to memory-hole something - in the novel 1984 there is a device where any information goes that the government doesn't like. It is called a memory hole. So that information disappears. The New York Police Department wanted this information to disappear.

a cop - a police officer

to deep six something - to eliminate something completely, as if you are killing it and putting it 6 feet under ground

a beatdown - when someone is badly beaten

allegedly - apparently, supposedly

brutal - overly severe, harsh, cruel, showing no mercy

neighborhood watch members - these are volunteers who wander around the neighborhood (the area in which they live) supposedly looking for criminals

the case - the investigation

to make a fuss - to cause trouble, to create problems for others, to complain

a misdemeanor assault - a misdemeanor is a minor crime, an assault is also a minor crime, it means basically that someone scared someone else. But in this case several men BEAT an innocent man. This was aggravated battery, not assault.

labeled the case closed - officially closed the case

pounced on him - to pounce - to jump on as a wild animal jumps on prey

prosecutors - lawyers for the state who try to get people found guilty

accused him of doing something - claimed he had done something

to flee - to run away

a pummeling - a beating

ceased - ended

stomping - stepping on him very hard with their feet

swollen - overly large

intoxicated - drunk (so the police tried to blame the victim saying that he was drunk)

incoherent - not understandable

a blitz - a brief period with a lot of action in it (blitz is the German word for lightening)

a publicity blitz - a lot of action to get publicity or public notice 

indictment - pronounced in dite ment...a formal process of accusing someone of a crime

imitation - similar to

vigilantism - punishing people instead of allowing the police to arrest them

the revelation - the revealing of something, when something finally becomes known

mishandling - not handling the situation rightly, not acting the right way toward an official situation

federal scrutiny - the government in Washington D.C, is investigating cops

to halt - to stop

reassessing - re-thinking

a vendor - a business partner or someone who sells something or provides some service

to condemn something - to say it is wrong

their charges dropped - they are no longer in danger of going to jail

a slew of felony charges - many accusations of very serious crimes - a felony is a serious crime. Actually, a couple days ago, a judge let them go with a very light sentence (punishment) jail time.

to sue - to take someone or some organization to court to get money for something wrong that was done

to be dead wrong - to be completely wrong

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