Saturday, July 9, 2016

American police officers continue to kill innocent black men?

The video on the link below is really horrifying.

It shows the aftermath of a black man (Philando Castile) shot by a white police officer in Minnesota. The man was shot in front of a child and the man's girlfriend. 

Apparently the cop stopped Castile as he was driving and asked to see the man's driver's license. Castile apparently looked like a person who had robbed a store a couple of days earlier. Castile, according to his girlfriend, then pointed out that he was carrying a gun, but that he was carrying it legally - she claimed that he had a license to carry the gun (although police now seem to be saying he did not have a license to carry the gun publicly). 

Apparently, when the police officer saw the gun, he shot Castile (the officer and the girlfriend who took the video are presenting contradictory stories, so it is difficult to know just exactly what happened).

The African American community in America is outraged (extremely angry) because they perceive that throughout the United States police officers continue to casually shoot black men.

In my opinion it is absolutely disgusting how the police treated his girlfriend after one of them shot her boyfriend. These cops acted worse than animals instead of acting like professional human beings. 

Where do these guys receive their training from? There is no need for them to over-react like this all the time. This is why there are protests all around this country - how long does it take for cops to realize they are expected to act like MEN and NOT WORSE THAN ANIMALS?

Read the story and see the video here:

Vocabulary to help you understand:

to 'display' gun - in newspapers they often shorten sentences so the headlines should say that the cop (police officer) reacted to the display of a gun (the cop claims he shot the black man when he displayed or showed a gun)

to contradict another story - if one story contradicts another, it provides facts that are the opposite of the facts in the first story

carrying a licensed pistol - the person who was shot had a gun, but he was apparently carrying it legally (he had a license for it)

license and registration - when a police officer pulls a person over in his car, the cop usually asks for the person's drivers license and car registration certificate.

distraught - emotionally shocked, depressed, devastated

to elaborate - to add extra information

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