Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A New York City Math Professor Donates His Sperm to Women Who Want Smart and Attractive Children

If a woman in the USA wants a child but does not have a husband or male partner, she can go to a sperm bank and doctors will inseminate her with the sperm of a donor. The men who donate their sperm remain anonymous but the 'bank' will not accept sperm unless the male donor is under 25, healthy, over 6 feet (180cm), and college educated. Getting this super-sperm is very expensive.

So this New York City professor offers a less expensive and probably just as good alternative. 

The only problem for him is, by providing his sperm outside of a sperm bank, he is legally responsible for the child: he is legally considered the child's father and can be sued by women and forced by a judge to pay them child support. In fact, he has been sued a few times and it seems that money is garnished (taken) from his paycheck and sent to women he has helped in the past.

Despite the fact that he can be sued, he keeps providing his sperm to women who want smart and attractive babies. My guess is that judges can only garnish a certain percentage of his earnings - he has to be allowed to make enough money to survive. Therefore, he has already probably reached this percentage limit and cannot be hurt further by women who sue him. Indeed, suing him now would be a waste since the woman suing would receive a very small amount (if anything) from him.

The big problem I see is that he is creating many single-parent families. It would be nice if a child could have a dad around the house. Also, he is creating a greater tax burden for all of us since the government will give a single mom money and free food to help the baby.

Here's the NY Post article:


Vocabulary from the article:

to sire - to father, to produce offspring (children)

sperm - in case you couldn't figure out what sperm is from the context of the article, it is the substance provided by a male partner that combines with a woman's 'egg' to produce a child

flushed - red faced

semen - sperm

CUNY - City University of New York

Kingsborough - a location in Brooklyn

This isn't time-consuming and.... - so it doesn't take him long to produce the sperm in the public restroom and he jokes that he engages in that activity every day any way.

in a committed relationship - she was his chosen partner, not someone random, not a stranger

offspring - children

the old fashioned way - this means he has sex with the woman and inseminates her through having sex

for moral support - for encouragement (because it cannot be easy for a lesbian to have sex with a man). If you provide 'moral support' to a person you are there with the person to encourage him or her.

to engage in intercourse - the sexual process that can result in sperm being combined with a woman's ovum (egg)

he supplies his goods in a cup - he ejaculates his sperm into a cup for the women who then inserts it into herself to try to achieve pregnancy

I'm not doing it for easy action - he claims he is not doing this to get easy sex with women

Isn't that what Tinder is for? - he jokes that if someone wants easy sex, he/she should use the dating app Tinder 

to procure his samples - to get his sperm sample

ovulating women - women who are ready to get pregnant (their egg is ready)

menstrual - referring to menstruation, when a woman bleeds once a month; a menstrual cup catches blood usually

to conceive - when a woman conceives, this means a sperm cell has entered an egg cell and the baby is being produced

This time might do the trick - this time might work. If something does the trick, it works. So if you are stressed out and drink a glass of wine, you might say, "Whew, I am relaxed now. That wine did the trick."

prolific - doing something over and over. A prolific writer has written many books.

off the charts - when something is off the charts it is immeasurable, so many that they can't be counted

his first foray - his first attempt

to fix her up - to help her meet a guy

he got cold feet - he changed his mind, he lost his courage

a fertility clinic - a place where they help women to become pregnant

craigslist - a very popular website in the USA (10th most popular in the country), but a very dangerous site where people often lose money or are harmed through people they meet through the site

are a draw - are an attraction

toddler - a baby who can walk

siblings - brothers and sisters

a large brood - a large family

without the hassle - without the trouble

garnished - when a judge takes money from a person's paycheck to pay someone else. I think the most that can be taken is 1/2, so nobody else can really benefit from suing him now.

to sue - to take a person to court to try to get money from another person because of some wrong or illegal action

got left in the dust - were abandoned, were not properly taken care of

contentious - to be contentious is to argue about something

Am I chopped liver? - Do I look ugly? Am I not important?

in-vitro fertilization - when a special, more scientific, container is used

progeny - offspring

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