Sunday, August 7, 2016

Chicago Police (Stupidly) Shoot at Each Other and Kill Another Black Teenager

Some police officers in the USA still do not seem to be intelligent or ethical enough to get the messages that America is shouting at them: "Just because a person may have committed a crime, you DO NOT have the right to kill the person!" and "Black lives matter!" ('Black lives matter' means that black lives are important and the police need to stop killing black men because of racist attitudes.)

In Chicago, ANOTHER unarmed black teenager was killed recently by the (very corrupt and STUPID) Chicago Police Department. (to be unarmed means to be without a weapon)

Apparently the black teen had stolen a car. He crashed the car into two police cars and then started running away to escape. 

Ridiculously, after the car crash, police started shooting all over the place, to the point where many confused cops (police officers) apparently thought that the black teen had a gun and was shooting at them. However, it was the cops basically shooting at each other.

Ultimately, a cop caught up to the black teen and shot him IN THE BACK.

Every week we seem to hear stories like this and every week police officers in America STUPIDLY keep illegally killing people regardless of public anger and protests. The only alternative, now, is to begin throwing cops in jail for LONG prison terms if they shoot at unarmed citizens.  

An article from the Chicago Tribune:

Vocabulary from the article:

procedural errors - these are mistakes made in regard to the way you are supposed to do your job; the police made several mistakes in doing their job - they should not have shot at each other (obviously) and they should not have shot a teenager in the back.

fatal - deadly

succession - one after the other

a fleeing vehicle - a car driving away

in harm's way - capable of being harmed

to be armed - to have a gun or other weapon

erroneously - falsely, incorrectly

barreling in his direction - moving in his direction with great speed and force, like a barrel rolling toward you

acting with uncharacteristic swiftness - Chicago's corrupt mayor and corrupt police department usually take a lot of time to cover up police abuses - this time they acted more quickly...swiftness means quickness

the oversight agency - an agency that is supposed to monitor the police and punish them if they do something wrong. In Chicago, oversight agencies NEVER see anything wrong

her heart went out to O'Neal's family - she felt sympathy for them

to be devastated by something - to be in shock and deep depression at the same time; a person is often devastated after some horrible tragedy or sudden death of someone he/she knows

a trade school or ComEd - a trade school is a school where you learn a job skill; ComEd is the electric company in Chicago

a Jaguar convertible - a sports car with no top

shouting down someone - yelling so loudly that the other person cannot speak

activists - people who believe something is wrong and who try to change things

Superintendent - the head or boss of the Chicago police

Bridging that gap... - they are using words the Superintendent was using and making fun of him for lying

a scapegoat - someone you blame for a problem caused by someone else. So the activist is saying the corrupt (dishonest) mayor is to blame, but he is forcing the black Superintendent to take the blame publicly

retreated - ran away

to be transparent - to be completely honest

shell casings - what flies out of a gun when bullets are shot

distraught - panicky, scared, shocked, depressed

This is so f_____ up - This is so fucked up. This is what the killer cop said. He then says, "I don't want anything..." He meant to use the past tense: "I didn't want anything to happen to that fucking guy." 

sergeant - someone who supervises lower-level cops

The way s____'s going... - "The way shit's going, I'm going to get crucified..." The way things are happening, I am going to be punished severely and ruined because of this.

to reassure the officer - to make the officer feel better

...he was in a hot car - he was in a stolen car. So the sergeant, unbelievably, is saying, "Don't worry, you killed a guy who stole a car. Nobody will even care. he was a criminal."

to contradict oneself - to say something against what you had previously said

a special prosecutor - an objective lawyer from the government to determine whether the cops who shot their guns should be arrested

coldblooded - something rationally chosen. Actually, this shooting was not coldblooded.

to commend each other - to congratulate each other, to say "Good job!" to each other

to wrap up the probe - to end the investigation

a raft of reforms - a number of new policies to change what was wrong

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